Marsha Musselman

God'S Country, Michigan/In God We Trust/Usa

If you have a spare moment of time you can check out my article on squidoo which explains my beginings as a writer. Otherwise, I'll try to give you a short version.

I began having more of a desire to write sometime after I turned thirty years of age. My heart has been to write Christian fiction or other related works, but until I can proceed, I hope to write articles of all types to help others succeed in whatever type of endeavor they choose to follow.

In any undertaking it is important to realize that the outcome wont' be immediate. It's like when you finally make up your mind to purchase something like an expensive pair of shoes that you've been thinking about for quite some time. Once you make the decision, sometimes there are events that prolong you being able to purchase the item, like not having the car for the day, or the store being closed for the weekend, or whatever.

When you've finally made a decision to do a specific thing in/with your life, don't be discouraged when things dont' get off to as good of a start as you had hoped. These things take time.

Anne Lamott in her National Bestselling book titled Bird by Bird, shares tidbits about life in general and the craft of writing. When she was a young child she saw this principle in action when her brother waited until the last minute to write a book report about birds. As he was stressing about the situation, surrounded by bird books, pencils and paper, his father encouraged him by saying all he had to do was "Just take it bird by bird".

I've had a blog on blogger for close to a year now, titled "Improving your Quality of life". Since then I found this site, and thought this might be more fun to work with, but I've not solidified as yet the format I want it to look like. I've written several blogs about stewardship from the biblical, health and property points of view. I also have one on reading and studying the word with me and general topics of BIblical truths.

I think the site is getting too cluttered looking, so I'm going back to putting the different categories all on one page. The only thing with that is I'm not sure yet if one can have a RSS feed on those types of articles. But I suppose I can do a blog still, just have to figure out what I want to do it on.

For now, I'm gearing up for my first try at the nano Novel writing month this coming November. During that month, i won't be doing a major amount of anything else, unless I find I have more time than expected.
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